If cash is king, then secure transactions and verified payments are the keys to the kingdom.

Byte Money is a pioneering cash receipting and allocation specialist servicing Sub Saharan Africa. We exist to help you ensure that your collection transactions are captured and reported on in real time, without human interference. Anytime, anywhere. Integrating with your admin system, reducing risk and increasing profitability.


Small Margins. Big Business.

In Africa the cash economy is a deeply entrenched way of life. In South Africa alone 14% of the country’s GDP is spent on insurance, of which 12% constitutes life products. Over R1.4 billion per month represents small cash payments towards benefits such as funeral cover and other micro-financial products. The cash handling and administration of all of these low margin transactions adds up to serious challenges when it comes to adequately servicing these enormous markets.

That’s where we come in: Byte Money is in the business of enabling and supporting clients to overcome these very real obstacles. Whether your collections are done via online, direct banking channels or remote cash collections we are there to authenticate and report on these transactions live.



Remote Locations

Optimising cash payments and enabling debit, credit and SASSA card payments.

Record Keeping

Transaction is automatically captured and stored on your admin software. Aiding FSB compliance.

Human Error and Fraud

Byte Money authenticates and guarantees payments securely and in real-time.

Reconciliation and Reporting Cycles

Daily recons and live reporting, eliminating slow turnarounds and instantly detecting irregularities.

Compliance Issues

Our mobile POS increases regulatory compliance and covers ‘the last mile’.

Administrative Costs

Live capturing reduces the costs and risks of handling small margin business.


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The new standard in real time payments

Currently, the complete transaction of a single insurance premium cash payment involves a number of parties – from policyholder to collection agent, broker, bank, administrator and insurer. The payment record begins with a handwritten receipt, and continues its long journey from a remote collection point to the database of the insurer or underwriter, where it must stand up to stringent regulatory oversight. This can take up to two weeks.

Byte Money’s philosophy is simple: instead of uprooting these existing systems and infrastructure, we’ve found agile, intelligent ways to enhance and optimise multiple payment methods to be utilised by collection agents and businesses for safe and secure payment authentication and allocation.

More than simply mobile. Smarter too.

Our platforms and software are already integrated with multiple leading policy administration systems without hassle – and are designed to capture and aggregate real time data that can be used for effective risk analysis and future product development. Integrate with our platform today.

PYP is our mobile payment platform that enables and processes payments in underserviced rural and urban locations, in real time. It securely captures the transaction, fetches a member’s policy data from the insurer’s database, validates the payment, allocates it to a policy and produces an FSB compliant receipt. Card payments are enabled via the mobile handheld POS terminals we have vetted to deliver our services, and new members can even be signed up on the spot. PYP is also the only mobile collection system to take South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) cards.

OpenBreeze is Byte Money’s administration software. It is a simple and intuitive interface, designed to help make the move to automated software systems easier for the end user. In amongst its many functions and benefits, OpenBreeze improves the overall quality of both compliance and reporting. It automatically detects lapsed policy and payment information, and works to increase profit by increasing administrative capacity.


Making Business Intellegence available for a fraction of the cost, Looking Glass works in tandem with all your data streams to provide real-time reporting, analytics and dashboards across all areas of your business – from sales reps to customers to high level financial overviews. It is possible to watch transactions take place live, and can pull granular data from these (age groups, locality, sex, product preferences, etc). Looking Glass automatically sends custom alerts, spots trends and generates accurate forecasts. 


Our Clients

Byte Money was rated in the top ten fintech companies in Africa in 2015.


Any tree in Africa is a potential payment point.

Byte Money is active nationwide and beyond our borders, and growing.

Start changing your business's future today.

For more information about how Byte Money can optimise the way you do business with your customers, simply contact us.


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