About Us.

The Byte Money transaction platform combines multiple payment settlement methods into a unified, auditable payment stream. We provide the tools, knowledge and integration capabilities to enable the reconciliation and understanding of these payment streams in order to verify payments are allocated correctly to accounts with minimal human intervention and oversight involved.

We make it easier, faster and more accurate than current methods for our clients to use a Byte Money Channel to receipt a payment. We provide a system that does the job more efficiently so they can spend more time on the important things in life.


To unlock the latent potential and capital in the unbanked and rural citizens of Africa by providing professional, decentralised and regulated financial tools to the entrepreneurs and financial service providers of these communities.


  • To provide a core, shared transaction platform that enables financial service companies to cooperate and coordinate in providing banking services to the rural and peri-urban areas across the continent. Empowering communities towards financial upliftment, fostering and cultivating community trust and wealth.
  • Personal financial responsibility and development
  • To give as many people and communities across the continent the gift of financial freedom and independence
  • To enable entrepreneurs to conduct the businesses profitability, responsibly, legally and compliantly.

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  1. Development of BM Cash Receipt system started
  2. Initial Clients signed on
  3. Byte Money founded
  4. Selected for 88mph Acceleration program
  5. Rated as one of the top FinTech businesses in Africa By TechStars and Barclays
  6. Launched bank card processing services
  7. Launched DebiCheck processing services
  8. Passed 1 billion Rand processed
  9. Launched offline cash receipt service
  10. To Be Seen...