We know you are concerned about managing, processing, auditing and banking large sums of money
Our service provides secure electronic receipting channels and functionality that enable fast, accurate and auditable control of cash management processes.
We know you are concerned about theft and fraud
Our services reduce theft and fraud through audible and best practice premium management
We know you are concerned about claims processing and fraudulent claims
Our service provides a unified, online record of payments made across any of the receipting channels in your business. This enables an up-to-date record of all payments received and not received in order to better justify claim outcomes.
We know you are concerned about managing branded receipt books
Deploying our system allows for high security auditability across the entire premium collection process
We have been in the industry since 2009 and we operate nationwide.
We can train and support in all of South Africa's languages.
Our services can assist with the financial technology alignment you require.