We know you appreciate ease of integration
We supply actuaries with up to date and normalised transaction data, that enables real time processing of insurance, risk models and the display of real time analytics
We enhance your Value-Add Through supporting Payment Diversity
We improve the value offered by your products through enabling the support of multiple payment services through one simple and consistent integration
The Byte Money, multi-channel, automated, audited platform...allows the instant, risk-free collection of account and premium payments across payment and settlement channels.
We offer on-seller and partnership licensing agreements
Our licensing agreements enable our partners to build our services into their products and on-sell these services to their clients
We empower our partners to sell our services and manage and monitor their own clients.
Innovation and Support
Byte Money continuously invests in upgrading our technology platforms and software
We build our support services directly into our products and services.
We know you want to avoid complex and costly data imports
Our standardised data formats make importing payment history easy and repeatable